Stainless steel ice cube maker, ice maker machine have best price on the market – even so achieved ISO 9001-2015. Together with the greenhouse effect andthe warming of the Earth – we can feel extremely obvious. We are living in hottest days in the history of earth. Temperature is up to 40 degrees, even it can fry chicken eggs. Say so that, it just to see that the needs to slake is increasingly high. The business units such as restaurants, pubs, canteen, cafeteria, food court, hotel …. may require a ton of ice each day.

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Many people have already known stainless steel ice cube maker, ice makers for sale from Viet An company – but they do not understand totally what technology and how Stainless steel tube ice machine is operated?

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Best tube ice maker has ever made

12 The most outstanding advantages of ice cube maker, ice maker machine.

1. Good, cheap and durable. These are probably three most important factors – that you should choose exporting stainless steel ice cube maker – ice machine.

2. Ice pipe and tank of the heat conversion of ice makers for sale are made of stainless steel. Referring here, we can understand that this machine is extremely reliable, furthermore it has life cycle at least 20 years – so it can exports to ASEAN countries. Thank to stainless steel material, it helps ice cube maker, ice maker machine keep off corrosion by oxidation – there by adapting to many climates from temperate to tropic zone.

3. Stainless steel ice cube maker machine also designed compact useful and modern by the standards of the United States. When installing without the use of racks. They can move and not requiring installation in specific place.

4. Ice cube maker, ice maker machine, ice makers for sale are so safety, cleanliness and hygiene. With air cooling method using R22 solvents which is imported from India, it is 100% safety for human health. Process of ice machine – ice maker is totally automatic without human intervention, so ice is cleanliness and pure. Relatively stable performance meets all business needs of the employer.

5. Particularly due to applied advanced energy saving technology -the latest US in 2016 – ice cube maker – ice machine can save up to 45% energy compared with other ice making machines on the market.

6. Ice cube maker, ice machine are manufactured in Viet An factory at Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Me Linh District, Hanoi. Quality is managed according to ISO 9001-2015 international standards so strictest. Furthermore, these ice maker are distributed in Viet An’s affiliated branch in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Da Nang, even so exporting to Asean countries. We always ensure the quality of tube ice machine is No.1 of Vietnam  along with the best price.

7. Machine with domestic sales in 2015 amounted to 355 sets. It’s more than three next competitors, thus stainless steel ice cube maker machine reached the leading brand – “TOP 100 Vietnam 2015”, and Viet An’s CEO is in 100 business representatives for the whole of Vietnam enterprises in 2015 – along with report with Truong Tan Sang president at the Presidential Palace on 12 / 01/2016.

8. Ice cube maker, ice maker machine for sale are low noise and do not affect everyone around – That is the cause of good sound reduction system.

9. The ice making water has undergoned by the filtration process and UV disinfection as well ad reverse osmosis technology (RO) – it’s so ensure purity, cleanliness standards  (QCVN6 -1/2010/MOH).

10. With the automatic electric system, automatic protection relays, and time adjusted relays system … will help ice cube maker, ice maker machine to make ice automatic and  disconnect each time – when there is any problem. The operator just need to bring ice to sell without touching direct on the ice – therefore you don’t need to disquiet about the diseases associated with osteoarthritis.

11. Team of technicians and refrigeration professionals – 6G+, it selected from the pipeline welder returned from the UAE. It will ensures welds is the best quality. All of these have made a strength brandname about Viet An ice cube maker machine.

12. Viet An stainless steel ice maker machine, ice cube maker are extremely cost saving for producing ice, which is combined sync with insulated warehouse, bucket system automatically or semi-automatic. It is the number 1 choice of Vietnam’s customers and strong enough to compete with tube ice machine from Thailand and Malaysia. Viet An ice tube maker brand has been certified with exclusive brand of VN4-0250969 by Viet Nam Intellectual Property Office.


ice makers for sale

Stainless steel export ice maker machine, ice cube maker

The following article is glad to introduce stainless steel tube ice maker. These products are very suitable for the small production, business and new trading ice beginner. Tube ice machine prices are also quite reasonable -it’s easy to get a return of capital.

Ice cube maker are manufactured according to US technology and components are imported from many developed countries, achieved ISO 9001-2015 – quality standards.

For example:  4 tons ice maker machine, ice cube maker will have price is 309 millions (it also depends on the size of the ice). With period from 15 minutes to 55 minutes depending on ice for coffee or drinking beer, which is a great number of stainless steel VA4T.

Stainless steel tube ice maker has intelligent automatic cooling system, the cooling solvent esures safety, ice is made extremely pure. it melt longer than other ice 3 times – so it can transport far away without insulation devices like frozen car. Tube ice machine Products own insulation accessories, accompanied with capacity up to 12m3 – so ice may be preserved all day – eventhough when power failure or keeping ice in rainy day (buyers’r less than normal).

Currently, on the market there are many types of  Viet An ice maker machine, ice cube maker, ice makers for sale – so customers need to pay attention and only dealing directly with Viet An address in the specific branch, in order to buy a genuine goods.

Although the demand for purified ice is increasing, however only some ice production facilities have good quality machines, create ice that achieved standard of hygiene and food safety. Ice makers for sale don’t have origin on the market today are relatively much – that makes buyers overwhelmed by offerings – in case, they have no experience in choosing a type of tube ice machine with good quality, warranty, maintenance – they wil be tricked.

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Stainless steel export ice maker machine, ice cube maker can produce types of ice:

Types of iceSizesUsed for
Large pure ice (L)Small pure ice (S)used soft drinks, beer, refreshments ...
The average pure ice large type (EM): 38 x 40 mmafter finishing often use for drinking iced tea ...
Pure ice average small type (M)34 x 40 mmmade to be used taking vitamins, fruit ...
Small pure ice (S)19 x 20 mmafter producing will use for coffee, juice and water mixture ..

Ice machine product

Some kinds of devices stick with ice maker machine, ice cube maker

Viet An produces all kinds of ice making machine (ice machine – ice maker) with different sizes and various size according to customer requirements.


For example: With capacity of 4 tons/day – stainless steel ice making machine USApec VA4T will choose purified water system capacity from 300 liter/hour. The price of this system fall into 36.9 million VND, if using water sterilization system can cost 60% cheaper.



Cold storage is made of Panel, the best quality foam and stainless steel door imported – these units is a very important devices in the system of purified tube ice machine. The price of cold-storage warehouses with a capacity of 12m3 are about VND 70,000,000.



Packing system is made of stainless steel is also indispensable equipment of a ice cube maker, ice maker machine base. it is used to close the bag when ice falling. The price of an ice packing system is about VND 18 million, depending on capacity of ice maker machine, ice makers for sale.



  1. Water cooling tower
  2. Gas and cold oil
  3. Motors kinds
  4. Valves
  5. Refrigeration compressor
  6. Electricity system
  7. Other accessories of  ice maker machine, ice makers for sale.

Package prices of ice making machine domestic production and exports

For example:

Normal ice cube maker, ice maker machine USApec VA4T354.000.000 VND
Stainless steel Ice Machine USApec VA4T Stainless steel269.000.000 VND
Water filteration system15.000.000 VND
Cold storage system55.000.000 VND
Packing system15.000.000 VND
Purified stainless steel ice maker machine, ice cube maker VA4T437.000.000 VND
Stainless steel tube ice machine USApec VA4T Stainless steel309.000.000 VND
Water purified filteration system 36.000.000 VND
Cold storage system 12 m372.000.000 VND
Packing system 20.000.000 VND

Customers have used our ice cube maker, ice maker machine.

With many years of operation in the field of supply water purification and ice cube maker – Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has provided in the market – thousands of water purification lines and ice maker machine.

Certificate ISO 9001 - 2015 - Best band of ice machine in Viet Nam 2015

Certificate ISO 9001 – 2015 – Best band of tube ice machine in Viet Nam 2015

Here are some of our typical customers!

Mr. Ngo Van An (Binh Minh Tourism JSC)

We’ve installed cleaned Ice Making Machine stainless steel VA50T capacity of 50 tons for 2.4 billion VND in 2013. Until now, our system has still operated and worked very well, we feel very happy with Viet An’s ice machine, ice cube maker “.

Mr. Duong Thang Long. (Hoang Lien Pharmaceutical Company Limited)

We decided to install ice machine (ice makers for sale) 25 tons for the plant in Hanoi. Viet An has deployed installation quickly and dedicated technology transfer. We are very pleased and confident in the company’s products”.

Mr. Pham Cong Hoa Dong Duong International JSC

“We’s installed a line of stainless steel tube ice machine VA4T capacity of 4 tons / day for the plant in Nam Dinh. Viet An’s deployed installation quickly and dedicated technology transfer. We are very satisfied“.

If you have any questions, demand for stainless steel industrial ice maker machine, ice cube maker, ice makers for sale. Please contact the nearest Viet An branch for advice and support best.

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If you have any questions about the demand for purified ice cube maker, ice maker machine, please contact the nearest Viet An tube ice machine branch for advice and support. Or call 0943 41 41 41 (HOTLINE)

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